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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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full story. >> reporter: wox isng held bars r without bail for an episode that happened at mercer county community college. prosecutors say he tried to entice several children into taking off their bathing suits and showers with him. >> a grown man there messing with little kids. >> adam wolf is facing multiple counts of luring and lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child. on december 7 and, the mercer county college student was swimming and wolf posed as a maintenance worker and tried to co naked with him and all the children were under 15. >> that is cruel is those kind of people should not be in our >> his lawyer says he was part of the colleges dreamers program
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for challenged students and underiatric care. >> adam categorically that if his view was wrong. and given his limitations, i believe him. he is not a manulator and not sharp. he is not jerry sandusky. >> he is an offender under may go ans laws. just to think about that. >> these moms regulartheir young childre campuspool. >> theym lessons and we have never used the showers. the facility the showers are not that great. there are so many things to think about withed kids really scary. >> mer ser county commune
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college is committed to -- and wolf has another court hearing next month and until then he is held at the mercer county correction center. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." for the first time since taking office president trump took questions from the press on a wide range of topics today and also today the president proved he had plenty to say. i turn on the tv and open the noons and see stories of chaos, yes it is the exact opposite. this administration is running like a fine tuned machine. >> this afternoon the president announced his new pick for labor secretary. law school dean alexander decosta after his last pick withdrew his name. and the firestorm of costa's
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nominition trump touched on russia and the media. and we'll have more on his words at 5:30. today president trump's travel ban was the subject of nationwide protest. and left classrooms empt >> from chicago to texas and coast-to-coast. it was a quote, day without immigrants. and in hopes of raising awareness of the impact of the president's executive order. joanne is live in lower manhattan with more on the protest. >> reporter: you can see police behind me preparing for a protest here that movement shows how important immigrantses are to america's economy and what a day wouldut them. usa! >> a show of solidarity for immigrants. >> immigrants is what made this country so great. >> crowds rallying in chicago,
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business owners shutting their doors in new jersey. >> the immigrant population contributes to the economy and it will affect the pocketbooks of all the businesses. >> and the day without immigrants protest aimed at squarely at president trump's efforts to crack down on immigration both legal and illegal. >> you take the criminals out of the country and things like that but everything is affect >> president trump is addressingmmigration today but not any action for childhood arrivals. >> doca is a difficult subject for me. in some case they are back members and drug dealers too and some absolutely incredible kids. >> and 11-year-old christopher rosario skipped school to protest with his parents. >> i want to support my parents
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because they are immigrants. >> i have one message for donald trump. we fought your daddy and we ht your granddaddy and we are going to fight you. >> and a protest is in new york outside federal immigration court in response to recent crack downs, ime president trump says his administration is working on a new immigration order. live in new york, jena norman ." >> thank you. businesses around the delaware valley were closed for the day of action. and there within signs supporting the day without immigrants, similar scenes in center city philadelphia and gray hall will have more o impactrotest on the city coming up tonight at 6:00. $100,000 worth of narcotics is off the streets and the result of a heroin ring bust announced by josh shapiro today. there were a total ofix arrests one in the juniata
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section friday and that suspect 25 grams of heroin in his home. the other arrest happened in johns town and allatoona where officials confiscated 200 bricks of heroin. two experts from the tree company are charged in the visa fraud scandal. an audit by the department of homeland security reveal that several employees were not eligible to work in the u.s. valerie is guilty of accepting visas they new were fake and hiring employees after the audit. and a third employee have be charged . a delaware county wawa store reopened after a change. the store on naaman's creek road offers restaurant seating and serves the chain serves beer in virginia and florida but the store in concord is the only store selling beer in
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pennsylvania and they have no plans to roll out a second pennsylvania store with beer but that could change they say, if this rollout is successful. >> now it's time to see what is on tap for the phillies. the first full squad workout for the season. and focus is on expectations for the phils for 2017. and ducis rogers is live from clearwater, florida with more. >> reporter: hey there rick. how will the phillies fare in 2017? that is the million dollar question. they have not had a winning season since the 2011 season and spending time with the manager and players you get the cents that they believe. after finishing 71-91 a year ago there is nowhere to go but up. >> i'm staying positive and up beat and optimistic about our team. >> but some of the
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prognosticator are predicting a last place finish for the phillies. >> but it's a challenge and we are going to prove people wrong. >> everybody is in first place as of today. we are not setting goals to lose baseball games, we want to win as many games as we can. >> the skipper has publically stated he wants his team playing .500 ball into june or july and see what happens. his players have higher goals. >> we think we can be better than that. and that is what we all strive to do. >> we believe it too. we believe that we can compete and we want to go as far as we can and be in the post season and mackanin knows it's dependant on one thing. >> if they improve slightly and become the players we think they are capable of being and it can happen quick or gradually.
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i'm going be optimist thick year. >> obviously the team has to remain healthy but you never know. back over to you. >> it's a long season and a lot could happen. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report on a thursday night. lets take it live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> it's a long ride home no reason to be optimist here in burlington and camden county we are on the brakes from 73 on down to approaching the 42 fee way there was a disabled vehicle and now cleared out of the way but single digit speeds. just off 295 in minquadale we have the crash along 13 at the collaron hotel and slowing along 95 and 495 in the city of wilmington. and not nice situation in frank cone yeah a crash at nice road at frankenfield farm market.
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on the big picture, no shortage of delays on 95 and the schuylkill and a crash at westchester pike and route 3 at old westchester pike. >> okay thank you matt. pour ahead on "action news" at 5:00 an important consumer alert for parents of young children. a popular stroller being recalled because of major safety concerns and injuries to children. and ali gorman introducing you to the local medical team gearing up for a life saving mission in the caribbean. >> the windc6 degrees and i am tracking a taste of sprin withord warmth for your holiday weekend. more details when "action news" returns.
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can choose the back, you can choose the arm you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier. is this is new video frommidly after a month from a deadly avalanche buried an entire hotel. 60,000 tons of snow buried the hotel and cars. it has since melted. they are looking into whether or not an avalanche threat warning was taken serious enough by officials there. the cdc says that the flu vaccine is moderately effective and matches the strain much
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better than previous years. registered nurse, ali gorman is at the big board to break down the numbers. >> the flu is still circulating so this is an early report and so far it shows overall the flu vaccine is 48% effective and reducing the risk of infections by half. but if you break it down it was 73% effective against the b strain and 43% effective against the a strain that is the predominant strain going around and a tough virus. the flu shot is not perfect but this year is offering greater protection than two years ago when a similar strain was circulating and that this year's vaccine works better for kids months to 8 years old and adults 60 to 64 and less effective for school able kids and adults 18 to 49 and for senior citizens.
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and also today two dozen degrees and nurses and health care professionals are heading to haiti to help save lives. >> the team from holy cross includes surgeons. also lisa sullivan an or nurse, it's her first medical mission but for the blue sky surgical team that is an annual trip. outside of the clinic in port-au-prince they work with locals to help with hernia repair and removal. and the surgeries are not too complicated but for the patient it could be life changing. and for the travellers it has an effect. >> you sign up for a medical mission and you will find your way back intoey went into health care. trips like this do more for us than we do for the people of
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haiti. >> all things happen for a reason and everything fell into place. >> in past years dr. dupree has blogged about the experience, this year she is doing some live facebook chats and we'll check in with her next week. >> thank you ali. a big check from uber and lyft is fueling public education in philadelphia. the today the school district received $357,000 from the ride sharing companies, from a ride sharing fee approved by lawmakers last year. the fee has been raised to 1.4% and could provide an estimated $2 million to the school district each year moving forward. official media has come to be a big part of every aspect of our lives so what can we expect to see this year? more social media. they believe 2017 will be a banner year for the big three,
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building a sport facility in montgomery county. could bring a big economic boost to the region and that is a finding from the valley forge convention board they hired consultants to research a multiuse sports complex and that it could make a $100 million impact only the economy in its first five years and that coincided with the youth ice hockey tournament in oaks that sold 11,000 room nights in that region. and they were awarded with a gift of education. y alpha was chosen for year scholarship to attend any philadelphia archdiocese high school and gets $3,000 each year for his tuesday cost. he is one of three that is chosen for the scholars program. and our own rick williams and ducis rogers won much
5:21 pm
deserved and terrific honors. they named rick and our sports director ducis among the 2017 living lends for black history months. >> and we stood on the shoulders of giants and we have a responsibility to make sure we open doors and lead the way for younger people. i am proud to be a member of philadelphia media and an employee at 6 abc and a member of national association of black journalists. >> and the council had several nominees with could commendations at city hall and a big congratulations to our loving rick and ducis. ducis was in florida so couldn't be there. >> i accepted on his behalf and now i have two. >> make sure you get it ducis. >> thank you to philadelphia city council. more to come on "action news" tonight a check of the forecast for you. >> lets take you out live at 6 abc showing you philadelphia
5:22 pm
international airport right now, adam joseph has the forecast coming up. and penn state's thon starts this weekend and bob brooks has live reports starting tomorrow at 4:00 and live picture from thon all weekend long at
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cecily tynan as a check of the forecast that is improve. >> reet now we are live on sky 6 hd taking a look at the center city skyline, a mix of clouds and sunshine and winds were gusty and winds have died down since earlier and still wind gusts in philadelphia 29 miles per hour and wilmington 35 and allentown 24 and atlantic city 33 and the windchill makes it feel like 26 in philadelphia and 24 in reading and 26 in atlantic city. if you are stepping outside you'll want to bundle up. the reason we have the gusty winds, we have the low pressure that is swirling over the canadian maritimes that is moving away and if you look to the west no real organized storm systems we enter a quiet period however there is plenty of warm air. here in philadelphia the air temperature is 37nd memphis it is 60 and bismark
5:26 pm
north dakota it's 52 degrees and they are seeing spring time down to the south. this is the area where they have had trees already budding three weeks early from raleigh to the gulf coast to dallas and that warm air is moving our way right in time for the holiday weekend. tonight though the wined are diminishing and clearing skies and seasonably cold. 26 in philadelphia and wilmington 23 and cape may 26 degreesour friday it will be seasonable. normal high for this time of year is 44 should manage to make it up to 46 degrees and a good amount of sunshine and we start the day at 27 degrees at7:00 and lunch time already 42 degrees and pretty decent weat for friday and nue to climbough presidentsunshine is back and it's seasonable with a high of 46 degrees, a couple of degrees above normak at saturday, 63 d 's is 68 a arend we h f 65 degrees and back door front with
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"action news" continues with joseph jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news"
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thursday night. important news for parents a very popular stroller is under recall this evening. it could seriously injure your baby. nydia han has the deal details and what they don't realize is that every move is captured on video and police are hoping to hear from you if you do. and president trump goes on the defensive during a 75 minute news conference answering questions about russia and the temporary travel ban and the way his white house is running right now. >> an urgent alert for families with young children. the recall of thousands of stroller issued and nydia han has all the details at the big board. >> reporter: this massive recall includes 700,000 strollers, b-agile. the car seats can detach and
5:30 pm
fall off. the recall involving more than 700,000 products was issued after the manufacturer received 33 reports of it falling to the ground and 26 reports of children being injured as a result. and when we approached families in rittenhouse square this afternoon news of the recall has not yet made it to most of them. >> i have not heard it the recall this is the first i have heard. >> it's scary, really scary. i would definitely be concerned. >> the strollers were told from may 2011 to february 2017. the consumer product safety commission says they should stop using the strollers with the click and attachmounts. other can't physician about the
5:31 pm
company and model numbers affected by the recall at and a helpful note for parents, continue to use the stroller or carg as the two are not attached. >> we have all the details aboutall posted online at and there you can fd t to the full list of models affected and the number to call if yours is among those being recalled . five people are behind bars after a car chase that ended in winfield. it started at 2:00 p.m. whenshots were fired atal den street. a man at that location was taken into custody a driver and another vehicle sped off. they chased the car on to the ll expressway and caught up with the vehicle in front of the state police barracks and nobody was hurt during the pursuit. we are waiting to learn the name of the person that died when an suv collided with a car carrier.
5:32 pm
the truck jackknifes across both eastbound lanes of 322 and struck a concrete median in upper chichester another vehicle appeared to be crushed between the trailer portion of the truck and the road was closed for several hours during the investigation. a chocolate factory caught fire in delaware county. firefighters responded to the chocolate plant in eddie stone at 9:30 this morning and found heavy flames and hot spots on the roof. crews with able to knock down the fire and the cause is under investigation the case is moving forward for a man accused of selling fentanyl laced heroin that results in death. the delaware county da says that collins was responsible for the overdose of a man last october. there is video of collins meeting with the victim and faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted . a father from harleysville was arrested on charges that he
5:33 pm
allegedly assaulted his infant daughter. louise manna remains behind bars. after the 24 day old child brought her to the hospital. doctors found the baby had multiple fractures to the ribs and skull and investigations reveal ed pressed on the child's chest multiple times. two thieves used a car to bust into southa business earlier this month. this is from lou's wholesale and once the suspects were inside they broke into the office and took and unknown amount of money and the third suspect stayed in a second vehicle and blocked traffic as the first two suspected away for the first time since taking office president trump stood alone and took questions from the media on a number of topics, the president praised the work of his and attacked the media and
5:34 pm
called out recent reports regarding his campaign in rush kenneth moton is live in washington with more. >> reporter: good evening, it was an incredible news concerns president trump worked to quiet the critics that said he did not want to take questions on a number of controversies. >> president trump message to the people. >> i don't think there has ever been a present elected who in this short period of time has done what we have done. >> he covered topics from his executive orders to fulfilling campaign promises but in a surprise move he took questions for 90 minutes tackling russia and administration chaos. >> there is no chaos this is a fine tuned machine. >> and inves between his ass russia during the campaign. >> i own nothing in russia i have no loins in russia i don't have deals in russia.
5:35 pm
>> on one hand the president called them fake news and on the other he is declaring war on those leaking information not media. >> the leaks are real but the news is fake. >> and classified information is being leaked that is criminal. >> but a bipartisan group of senators are calling for investigations into the alleged can'ts with russia we don't know all the facts but we know something is rotten in the state of denmark. >> and on those leaks the president says he called the justice department to investigation and i should report that the former director of national intelligence says that leaks need to be investigating but not in the matter that is disruptive to the intelligence community. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we know that confirmation hearing for president trump's supreme court pick will start on march 20th.
5:36 pm
the committee says that after a day of statements questioning of neil gorsuch will begst. and should last three or four day. trying to filibuster from receiving a vote. and more on the presidential press conference and the next moves, you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. back here collingswood is here fixing eye sores in the community. after legal proceedings to rehab several abandoned properties. and this is one of the first homes targeted on -- and the eye sores have decreased property values. and time to get a look at traffic on a thursday. matt pellman is in the traffic center with the low down on the slow down. >> this is an eye sore the schuylkill expressway this hour of the afternoon with a ton of
5:37 pm
brake ighting up in the lanes we are jammed like we are most days from this point at city avenue and gladwyne and the conshohocken curve. a number of accidents one by frank own yeah near farm market and one at mama's pizza and i want to warn you about things. starting at 7:00 emland street is closed for the overnight hours and lincoln drive from mccullin street is an alternate. and starting at 11:00 the vine does close in both discretions for construction. and senter city, 21st street is blocked at arch and market starting this evening and lasting through monday morning. that is a southbound street so 23rd or 19th would be better bets. 295 southbound in camden county a slow go past 38 to 42 but the
5:38 pm
disabled vehicle that gave us the extra slowing is long gone. rick and monica i'll be done soon. >> but we'll see you tomorrow. >> sure. the phillies welcome more players to clearwater and we head down to ducis rogers with more. and they took a break from the ball field he appears to have quite a nose for business. >> winter like weather spring has sprung in the deep south and that is coming our way we'll talk about near record highs for the weekend. >> those story and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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today the delaware united negro college fund held their faith for education afternoon tea in pennsylvaniaed landing. it honored women that contribute to women and youth. and there was live music and door prizes the money helps african-americans get to college. and today they took part in the feel the love leadership workshop.
5:42 pm
based on the new work shop it builds company philly phanatic style. he performed as the phanatic for 26 seasons and teamed up to talk about the power of love to transform your business and get loyalty. >> the phanatic was in clearwater i thought. >> he probably came back for that event. >> tomorrow is a big day for the phils. >> the position players have reported to spring training in clearwater, the first full squad workout is tomorrow. a big day. ducis rogers is live down there in clearwater. ducis long sleeves, cold front moving in? >> scod 58 and now 59 but we are in the shade. it's a little chilly. i know are you not shedding a tear but it's chilly by clearwater standards. lets talk about the phillies pitching staff. we are talking about the the
5:43 pm
young live arms amp and now we are talking about vince valesquez he was a dominating force last season. he started off with a 2.4 era and his season went south and hel of his fastball and finished with an 8-6 record and he says he knows the adjustments he needs to make. >> pitch contact, pretty much not try to do too much. controlling and not try t that is my main mind set. >> he has to power on a he has almost a bug bunny typ changeup. a swis ballop. he nds to pitches together. is too. have you to figure out how to attack hitters and know yourself. >> ahead at 6:00 we focus on the mackanin regime he calls himself a dictator hear why his players say they still love him.
5:44 pm
the first full squad yorkout here in clearwater coming up tomorrow morning. jaime back over to you. >> go get a jacket you look freezing down there. the flyers probably wish they never had to come back to western canada and have not won a single game in that neck of the woods in three years, 0-5-2 if you are keeping track. they will start in goal and giving him another crack at it. flyers can't afford to keep dropping games as they try to make a playoff push and the flyers scored a total of seven goals and do the imagine that is not good. and the sixers don't play for eight days and they have more wins than they have had the past three years. and move over vail villanova.
5:45 pm
last night the ladies beat smu the first time ranked nationally in a decade and well worth the wait and well deserved. >> i have never been ranked as a head coach, it's great for our program and university and i think the hard work our kids put in all year it's very deserving. >> we'll keep getting better and doing what we have to do to move up and up in the polls. >> guess who they play next week? >> uconn. >> they are good. 100 something wins good. >> wow. >> it's thursday and that means all new episodes of your tgit shows and it starts at 8:00 with "grey's anatomy" and after that it's "scandal." >> what is she doing in there? >> it's dancing nice. >> didn't know the leader the free world is suppose to twerk.
5:46 pm
>> she is not leader of the free world, not yet. >> we have won. >> not yet. nothing. olivia and the gladiator uncover new evidence on the night frankie was shot. and cyrus will stop at nothing to prove his innocence. on "scandal" tonight at 9:00. >> i failed. i promised to protect you all and i didn't. i tried. but -- the da offered wet immunities it would make sense to come to you next. >> and on "how to get away with murder" analise figures out how to take down denver and atwo and they continue to wrestle with the weight of wes's unsolved murder tonight at 10:00. and the all new prime time lineup starts at 8:00 with "grey's anatomy" and 9:00 by
5:47 pm
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muscles,ling muscles here in the new landmark exhibit opening tomorrow we have a sneak peek of the exhibit. the mighty muscle show showing how the little heroes of clean water work and a film and hands on exhibit here in fairmount park. and speaking of little muscles adam is here now. >> want to do a showdown. >> you'd win. >> how do you know monica? >> i have seen your muscles. >> the muscle maker was the wind, we'll relax that overnight as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a lot of clouds today and the clouds now departing and moving away and where the sunshine is going to take control right through the friday into the weekend. but we were wind whipped today 38 miles per hour in philadelphia clocking in the same for trenton 32 miles per hour and 40 in wilmington and atlantic city your peak wind gusts of 36 miles per hour and the winds were cold feeling
5:51 pm
like 6 and allentown and philadelphia and 25 in dover and below freezing in cape may and up in the poconos the windchill only 9 degrees. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar sunshine early on in the day and as that colder air came wrapping in around the low in new england, that is what erupted the clouds this afternoon and now that we lost the daylight hours we'll rip the day apart because we need the sunshine in conjunction can cold winds to develop the clouds and clear and brisk and cold and 21 in the suburbs and 26 degrees in center city and the gusts of up to 40 miles per hour. pull back to about 7 to 14 miles per hour. as we take a look at the day planner here for friday. we'll call it a happy friday lots of sunshine from start to finish, some high clouds at times 36 degrees at 10:00 in the morning and 42 around lunch time and mid-40s during the
5:52 pm
afternoon with light wins specifically in your area 42 tomorrow in allentown and 44 in trenton and toms river 46 and 43 along the shore and dover 46 degrees and everyone enjoying the sunshine and seasonable temperatures. then things switch around here big time for the weekend. a warm front passes through and we say hello to an early feeling of spring. more like the middle of april and not the middle of february. with the high temperature coming in at 63 degrees and not only are we going to have the warmth but the sunshine also winning out and it's late in the day on saturday. and we'll start to see clouds coming in from the south and west. if you head to the poconos tomorrow it's chilly and 34 degrees and mostly sunny. even up mountain misdemeanor 50 on saturday and spring skiing same thing for sunday at 52 degrees. expect soft snow in the poconos over the weekend.
5:53 pm
the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 46 tomorrow and sunny and seasonable. not one of these days is below average for temperatures this time of year. 19 degrees above average on saturday of 63 and gorgeous and near records on sunday of 65. and we flip the number it does cool down a bit on monday and not as warm but a lot of sun and 54 degrees 10 above norm and clouds build late and 50 degrees and we go back up to 55 on wednesday when could be talking about 60s once again towards the end january treating us like december. and above normal temperatures all around. thank you. >> meantime we have much more when we come right back. stick around:
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ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a day without immigrants
5:56 pm
businesses close to highlight how integral immigrants are to the economy. and the governor has a distaste for philadelphia sports and now his latest comments are stirring up controversy again with chris christie. now for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a
5:57 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. thursday night and a federal judge drops a definition lawsuitst bill cosby. and there is word that the prisoners that took over a delaware prison had a hit list. and a nationwide movement for a day without immigrants. whether it was norristown, trenton or wilmington.
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they did not buy anything and kept their children home from school. they want to show what the economy will look like if there is widespread deportation of immigrants. gray hall surveys the strike in philadelphia. what was the story in the city? >> reporter: well jim, business admittedly suchered a loss because of this but those that participated said it was worth it. supporters of the day without immigrants showed up to center city. the crowd was not huge but the was loud and clear. they are a vital part of the community. >> we came here to study and work and form families. >> if you showed up to your favorite restaurant you may be surprised to fine it was closed and there were signed supporting the day without immigrants. >> this is what t
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